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Who let the dogs down….who….who….who????


I have always been told that you MUST drop the feed dogs when you are doing Free Motion Quilting.

BUT, the other day I quilted an ENTIRE piece before I realized that I had forgotten to drop the dogs.  AND, I had already noticed that my tension and stitches looked better than normal.

Then, while reading my blog-roll I came across a post by Leah Day about just this subject…..read it here.

She mirrors my thinking …..maybe you dont HAVE to drop them to achieve good FMQ……

What do you think?????

4 thoughts on “Who let the dogs down….who….who….who????

  1. I don't know, my guess is it depends on the type of machine and how well it feeds. I've done it before by accident, and it was disatrous. Give it a try by all means, but I don't see it as a guarantee of better stitches.

  2. I quite often leave the dogs up depending on what I am doing. There is so little difference that it doesn't matter whether I remember to drop them or not. I did read somewhere, from a very accomplished quilter, a long time ago that it was often beneficial to leave them up. Wish I could remember who it was!

  3. I sometimes quilt with the dogs up as well. It can help control the quilt when using thinner batting but it will cause a lot of drag with puffy batting.

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