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The joys of “H-Mart”

On Friday, we drove to Atlanta to take my son (Brian) and his wife (Amber) out to dinner.  Much to our delight, they picked the food court at “Super H-Mart”

DSC00539 DSC00541 

With their encouragement, we ordered from the Korean diner and enjoyed a spicy soup that was filled with strips of beef, leeks and wonderful mushrooms…..SAM_1885

Brian was determined to not let a single bite go to waste…..SAM_1886 ….and ended up making “a happy bowl”  (at least that is what we called it when the kids were little)…..


Afterwards, we walked thru the store which specializes in Asian food….mostly Korean.   It reminded us so much of our shopping trips to Carrefour in Kunming, except that there was a LOT more English!!!

There was the typical aisle of rice…..

DSC00545 …..HUGE bags of red pepper…….

DSC00546 ….and who knew that they made SPAM “Lite”!!!! DSC00548

We bought several items that we don’t normally find at home, including a bag of “Sweet Rice” which is used to make one of the desserts that we loved in Thailand.

I did some “googling” and came up with a recipe for “Sticky Rice With Mango” and we had a fun time preparing the rice and the coconut milk based sauce.  It was great with Mango…..

DSC00551 ….and even better the next day served with sliced bananas!!!

A fun weekend revolving around food!!!!

Oh, there was a bit of sewing going on as well, but I cant share that yet!!

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