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As a present for my Son and Daughter-In-Law’s first anniversary, they adopted a cute, cute kitten named Wheatley. A couple of months later Amber sent this photo of little Wheatley looking at himself in a mirror……


I immediately fell in love with this photo and decided to play with it and a bit of thread painting!!!

After blowing the photo up to the needed size, I drew a line drawing , cut out the basic kitty fabrics and let the fun begin…..

DSC00524 I was SO encouraged with how the reflection kitty looked!!! It amazes me that I have never been able to draw anything, but I found it amazingly easy to “draw” with my needle!!

I love the expression on the reflection kitty….



I am very pleased with the final result and cant wait to give the finished product to the happy couple!!!

This is my entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival – Fall 2011. Click here to view all of the entries.

17 thoughts on “Wheatley

  1. What a fabulous art quilt! I'm working on a thread painting quilt of my dogs right now, and I'm so impressed with all your details. The pose (with the reflection) is a great original twist as well! Awesome work.

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