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Fiber Frenzy Color Challenge

Now that the October meeting is well past, I guess that it is time to blog about it!!!

Two months ago we issued a color challenge where we each picked a color from a hat.  The original idea was that there could be no trading, but that didn’t work out quite as planned.  There were a few trades (including myself and Deb), but the results were wonderful….


We started the show with Sue’s grey piece.  You will need to enlarge it to see it well, but the wood nymph is great!!DSC01047

Cleo presented this pink quilt with fabric beads that were made in a previous FF meeting…….


We all felt that Madeline’s offering was one of the best…….DSC01049 She said that a Burkha was the first thing that came into her mind when she saw that she had picked Black.  It is a really stunning piece!!

Faye channeled her Yellow inner child with “Sponge  Bob”….. DSC01050

Jodie picked White and is making a snow scene inspired by a tree photo…DSC01051 Pat’s green and cheery pink was a great addition to our color wall…..DSC01052

Nancy had this great red fabric and jus started cutting out shapes until she came up with this rose bush…..DSC01053 Francyne is a self-professed “non-purple” person, but she did a great job with this quilt…..DSC01054 

This is Deb’s brown offering that was inspired by the leaf fabric on the left.   She has used wonderful textured fabrics and 2 fabric beads…..a great start!!!  DSC01056

And this is my orange offering….DSC01055

I wanted to try doing a piece with only thread, and it looked great….from 2 feet away.  Unfortunately, if you got any further way, the quilting just disappeared into the fabric!!   I decided to use a pen to accent the design and went to Hobby Lobby to buy one.  As I looked at the $7.00 pens, I noticed an orange Sharpie for $1.99 and decided that it would work fine….and it did!!!!

I hope to finish the piece with some additional quilting patterns as a border!!

You may notice that many of the pieces were not finished and that is one thing that I love about our group.  We are all busy people and have agreed that there is NO pressure to finish any of the challenges.

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