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Baby Steps…maybe that will be my “word” for the year!!!

In continuing  with my theme for the year…….

We actually started the year out wonderfully at Barnes Noble, with a cup of tea, Oatmeal Raisin cookie and a set of inspiring Quilt Magazines…..


When I have had a few minutes, I have been sewing on this top which was started at the Elizabeth Barton workshop back in November……

DSC01708 I picked this one to start on because it was heavily pinned to the design wall and I was not excited about the thought of taking it down.

I have managed to spend 30 minutes sewing on several days, although today’s “sewing” was actually re-sewing one seam three times and finally taking it out again!!!!


I have also spent a bit of time learning how to make an embroidered    “Featherstitch”.     This new aspect of my education is thanks to the “Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST)” challenge issued by Sharon B. at “Pin Tangle”.  If you want to learn more about the challenge, click on the TAST button in the right column.

One thought on “Baby Steps…maybe that will be my “word” for the year!!!

  1. I'm glad you have returned to this piece as I like it a lot. If it is any consolation I had to make four extra log cabin blocks yesterday because the first ones didn't work.

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