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Still working

Today I had a few hours to work in the studio so I enjoyed finishing the piecing on the Archway piece. 

DSC01768 Sorry for the crooked photo!!!!

I am thinking that I will cut off the top border (and maybe the bottom) a  bit more but I want to think about it a bit first.

I have also been working on a scrap top that I saw in a book that I got for Christmas.  After putting together a few simple blocks I decided to lay them out and see how they looked.  

Here are two of the options that I came up with……

Blocks without sashes….DSC01696 

Blocks with navy “sashes”….DSC01697

But I actually like it better vertically…DSC01698

Neither of these are what the actual pattern calls for, and I am not sure that I actually like either of these, but there is a LONG way to go.


The really good thing about this project is that I started out with my 3-1/2 inch drawer looking like this……DSC01694

And it ended up a lot emptier and tidier at the end……DSC01695

Glad to have a few more Baby Steps behind me……

One thought on “Still working

  1. Lovely to see the Archway pieced. I would be careful of taking off too much as you would alter the proportion which really works well at the moment. Great variations with the blocks, I like the vertical best.

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