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What a difference a shelf makes…..

Well, my week has not started out great in the creative department.  It got off to a bad start when I had to have my eyes dilated early Monday morning and couldn’t see for the rest of the day and it was NOT a day that I wanted to sit and “watch” TV.   Since then I have been trying to get caught up and studio time has not been in the cards.

I did however make a wonderful discovery.   For years I have fought with finding a place to put my shoes.  I have a small closet and had initially put a shelf in the bottom so that I could have more room.  But, when push came to shove, the shoes were stacked up on top of each other, thrown in the floor of the closet and the door was never closed.

The other day I started looking in the closet and realized that most of my clothes are pants, skirts and tops.  I no longer have a bunch of dresses that need the full length of the closet.  So, I went out and bought another shelf to sit on top of the first one. 



There is now a place for every pair of shoes, I can see them easily, it is super easy to put them away, and I can close the door whenever I want to!!

Silly…..yes, but OH so satisfying!!

2 thoughts on “What a difference a shelf makes…..

  1. What a good idea. I have wasted space above my shoes too so may have to steal your idea. I do hope that your eyes are improving.

  2. Oh, I have to agree. Sometimes it can be the little things that can make the biggest difference. Bet you found some shoes you thought you had forgotten!

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