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No fabric, but still a challenge….

On Sunday, I decided to get a good start on my Challenge so I cleaned off the design wall, including removing all of the strings…..DSC01823

Next was to mark out the mandatory 40 inch square  (I learned this simple technique from Elizabeth Barton)…..DSC01826 WOW….does that look like a lot of empty space!!!!

OK, now to put something on the wall.

I will be the first to tell you that I CANNOT draw, but I do know how to use the available technology and that is exactly what I did.

First I scanned the drawings that I showed on yesterday’s blog, selected the plant that I wanted and printed it out using the poster function on my printer (the larger pieces were printed on the 3×3 format)….

I started with the rubber plant…..

DSC01827 ….and look, the size doesn’t look so vast.

Next came the bamboo……

DSC01828 ….but not side by side.   How about overlayed…..DSC01829 ….Better…..

Now to add some other funky leaves (after I used the photocopier to make smaller and larger versions of them)……

….Looking good….lets add a few ferns and maybe a few large leaves…

Hmmmmm….it’s looking pretty good.  I bet that I can fill it in with other smaller leaves.

Next step….fabric!!!!

3 thoughts on “No fabric, but still a challenge….

  1. I really need to clean off my design wall as well. Great tip from Elizabeth, thanks for sharing that. I really like the way that this is developing.

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