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Coloring the challenge

Now came my favorite part……adding color!!  Since it was MLK day and an official holiday, I decided (at my husband’s urging) to take the day off from work and spend it in the studio!!

I first pulled all of my green fabrics that seemed appropriate….


but alas, there wasn’t an appropriate fabric for the dark background that I was envisioning.

So, I went shopping!!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find what I needed in the chain stores and our local shop has now closed (BOO), so I moved on to plan B.  A phone call to Anita told me that she had appropriate greens in stock so I headed for a little shopping on her shelves, and came home with these….


The fabric that I had chosen for the background wasn’t quite big enough…exactly 4 inches short on one side so I picked another fabric (after many changes) and added uneven borders on the sides…..

DSC01848 ….sorry the colors in the photo are not good.

Next I drew the bamboo poles onto freezer paper and got ready to iron onto the selected fabric.  Unfortunately the fabric wasn’t long enough to make the entire stem so I glued the pieces together, making sure to place them in areas where there will be additional thread work…. DSC01850 I cut out the pieces…. DSC01852

….added a few leaves and voila…..DSC01853 Next came the rubber plant…..

DSC01855 Some funky leaves……


and I am out of time for the day, but it sure was a FUN one!!!

This should be good incentive to work hard and fast this next week so that I can get back to this project!!!

2 thoughts on “Coloring the challenge

  1. Love the range of greens you have to work with. I hadn't thought of using glue to hold the fabric together but it makes sense if there is going to be a lot of stitching on it. Great tip.

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