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Save the Rainforest

I have been madly working on my Rainforest quilt this week.  The deadline is next Tuesday and I am at a Church Women’s Retreat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. SO…..it is imperative that I get as much studio time as possible.

The plan for each of my days has been to work steadily on my accounting tasks until about 2 and then spend a few hours in the studio.  This is actually working quite well as it is a great incentive for me to stay on task when at my desk. 

When I last showed it here it was pinned onto the wall so now came the task of sticking everything to the backing fabric.  I had planned to just use raw edge applique, but decided that the smaller pieces (stems, berries, etc) would be easier applied with a fusible backing.    The other pieces were stuck on with a spray adhesive.

One note here, I wish that I had used fusible web on the entire piece!!!  So many of the pieces have little bits sticking off and it has been a bit hard to get them all stuck down properly.

I carefully removed the piece from the wall and started sewing around each of the pieces to hold them onto the backing.  It was an interesting process as I was worried that other bits would fall off so I tried to not move the fabric around very much. DSC01890

Since I was planning to add quite a bit of thread work, I decided to fuse a lightweight interfacing to the back to give it a bit more stability….


As always, the first stitches were the hardest, but I decided to start on the bamboo and was absolute thrilled with how it turned out….DSC01938

As I worked, I kept trying to find the “perfect” thread color but finally decided to not try to match the thread to the fabric but just use whatever looked ok.


I had just finished  embroidering the frog when I realized that I had caught the other side of the piece under the needle and had overstitched in the border….DSC02137

After debating about taking out all of the stitching, I decided instead to cut the piece out of the border and simply move the quilt a bit more to the left.  Fortunately I had added about 3 inches to each side of the piece so I had some room to do this…..DSC02138

So, now my top looks like this……

DSC02139 But once it was squared up it looked better……DSC02141

I had purchased a Wool batting to use on this piece, but since I was so tight on time, I decided to use my old fusible batting and be done with it.

The quilting is appearing to be a wonderful addition to the design…..

 DSC02142 The plan for tomorrow is to finish up the quilting.

On Friday I will square it up (probably at the Fiber Frenzy meeting since there is a wonderful table where I can lay the entire piece out).  Hopefully I can get the facing put on before leaving for the retreat.

Final steps can be done at the retreat….there is always time for a bit of hand stitching and maybe adding some beads…..

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