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A little more beading (part 2)…..

On the second morning, Lyric went back to beading and showed us a few more neat techniques….


First we made “stacks”.   To do this you bring the needle to the front of the piece, add how ever many beads you want, then add one securing bead and pass the needle thru all of the stacked beads (skipping the securing bead).


The next step was to us the stacks to form a Bezel to hold a Cabochon (flat bead or stone with no hole).   The technique is to trace around the cabochon (button in this case) and build stacks just outside of the line.  You then place the cabochon in place, fold over the stacks and run your thread thru all of the top beads, adding beads between if necessary….DSC02088

Look at all of the different ways that Lyric was able to use her Bezels…..


Here are a couple more of her sample pieces…..DSC02099

Look at these fun stacks…….


Lots of fun inspiration…..

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