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How about a little screen printing…..

One of the techniques that we learned with Lyric Kinard was screen printing.  Now this is a technique that I have never really been interested in and never thought that I would use, but it was certainly fun to try!!!

Lyric had brought a bunch of screens, both framed ones and unframed and we were given the opportunity to use any of them.DSC02019

She first demonstrated proper technique, from how to hold the squeegee…


…to how to make the pulls of the paint…..DSC02024

***Dont you love her clothing colors….purple, orange and green!!

This is my first try….you can tell that I double swiped the right hand side as it ended up darker and thicker……


Once again, this is not a favorite technique!!!  The main reason is that I find it hard to think that there is one design that I will use over and over and over again… at least not enough to justify having a screen made.  But, as with most things, I am sure that I will soon find that I simply CANNOT live without it.

One thought on “How about a little screen printing…..

  1. Oh but it ss so easy to make your own with freezer paper or masking tape or newspaper. Just take them off the screen when you have finished and the screen is there ready for you to start with something new. The hearts look good and having a sort of shaded effect is good.

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