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A Saturday of This and That

Ah…the joy of waking up on a Saturday morning….and thinking that it is Friday and that you are already running late!!!!  And then the blissful realization that it is  indeed Saturday and that you have NOTHING planned for the day.

While in my planning room (the shower), I got my day organized….sort of….

The first task was to finish up a few tax returns.  This accomplished, it was on to the studio.

During the last two weeks I have been trying to spend a few minutes each day working thru my scraps and cutting them into usable pieces.  This was all well and good, but meant that I had to clean off my cutting table before I could work on anything else…..

As I was making the last few cuts, I noticed that my cutting board was finally starting to shred with the cutter so it was time to replace it with the one that I had purchased MONTHS ago.  This shouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that the one I had bought was much larger than my table so it needed to be cut to size.  Fortunately, my sweet husband accompanied me to the garage and held it in place while I used the jig saw and cut the board to fit.

DSC02284 MUCH better…..

Next item on the list was to begin quilting the Archway piece that I had started at Arrowmont with Elizabeth Barton.  As I started steaming the fusible batting to the top, my iron started leaking a brown fluid and got spots on the top…AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! 

I ran to the kitchen and poured cold water on it until the spots came out.  The only problem now was that it was almost impossible to get the seam lines all straight again!!

Oh well, lets leave it for now and move to the next idea…..

I had started a piece last year for my Fiber Frenzy Color Challenge but had never finished it up….


While in the shower, I had the idea to use the stamp that I had cut in the Lyric Kinard class and add a fun border to the piece.    I pulled out the Set-A-Color paints and started playing.  Here is the resulting addition…..

DSC02289 Once the paint dries I will finish the quilting and trim the piece down.

…NEXT……our Fiber Frenzy group has set another challenge….this time a “River” challenge where we are planning to abut each of the quilts up against one another.  So, I once again used Elizabeth Barton’s suggestion and mapped out the approximate size on my design wall….

DSC02290 …..okay, enough of that project for now…..

Now, back to the Archway….. I don’t have an actual plan for the quilting, but did what I always do….started with what I knew…..

DSC02297 ….mainly that I wanted to follow the lines of the shibori dyeing on the left side light blue.

When it was time to stop for the afternoon, my sweet husband presented me with a wonderful new meal……a ground Turkey meatloaf made with Sun Dried tomatoes, parsley and Feta Cheese.

DSC02300 A perfect ending to a fun, fun day!!!!!

3 thoughts on “A Saturday of This and That

  1. I hate it when irons do that. Greta way to finish off your orange quilt. The quilting looks good on the Archway piece, the simple lines really do enhance it.

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