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Fiber Frenzy – DeColourant


Several weeks ago our Fiber Frenzy group met with Francyne helping us to explore the world of DeColourant.

DSC02662 She began by explaining that DeColourant is a product that is used to discharge the color from fabric and that it is better than bleach products because it is not as hazardous.

She then talked about DeColourant Plus which not only discharges the color from a fabric, but then re-dyes that fabric with a new color!!!

The DeColourant can be applied to fabric in an infinite variety of ways, including stamps, resists, stencils or simple painting.  Once painted, the fabric must be allowed to dry completely.  The actual process of discharge and re-dye doesn’t begin in earnest until you apply heat with an iron or other source.  The hotter you heat it, the more discharge happens.

She showed several examples…..


….and as usual for her, provided tons of tips and helpful advice.


These stamps were made from found objects applied to insulation board….


When getting ready to use these stamps, she painted a thin layer of “paint” onto her pallet and then dipped the stamp in the paint…..  DSC02674

….much easier than using a brush to daub the paint onto the stamp.

She also suggested cutting down the simple foam brush so that it has more of a blunt point that doesn’t have as much give as the normal brush…..DSC02659

She talked about using daubers to apply the solution to stencils, resists or other areas.  The one on the left was made from a cosmetic sponge…..DSC02660

This is what she used as her stamping pad…..


…..a commercial product that has a cutting mat on one side and a pressing board on the other.   By covering it in plastic she could use a damp rag to wipe up any bleed thru so it didn’t affect the next piece of fabric……

But her best tip (which had nothing to do with DeColourant) was this wonderful trick….DSC02664  …..use a bread wrapper closer to keep the tape ends loose and ready for use!!!

Several of our members came prepared to try out the technique but I wasn’t one of them!!!  I am anxious to try the DeColourant as a discharge, but probably wont use the color-added product.

Thanks Francyne for a wonderful demonstration!!!!

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  1. I'm so happy to learn about this product! I'm going to have to order some!! I have often used bleach, but there are many fabrics out there that are resistant to discharging. Thank you for sharing this!

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