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China wrap-up

For the most part, we have enjoyed our fourth trip to this huge country.  During those trips, we have had the opportunity to visit many of the wonders of the world and have seen so many things that “two kids from Abilene, Texas” had no business ever seeing.  We both realize just how blessed we are!!!!

At this point there are no definite plans to return to China, but we have learned to “never say never”!!!

We found the Chinese people to be very friendly and interested in us two round-eyes.  We decided  that the Kunming area seems to be more parochial than the other populations that we visited, but that is probably because it is a rural city of merely 5 million people….just a small town by Chinese standards. 

This country has much potential, but we feel that the biggest problem is that the people are not taught how to think.  The school students  are taught by rote memorization and often seem to draw a blank when something is different than normal.  If they are ever given the go-ahead to think, it will certainly be a country to be dealt with!!!!

The other concern that I have for the future of China is the fact that, since they have a one-child policy, there are a whole generation of “Only-Children” who will soon be stepping into all of the leadership roles in businesses and government.  We found that many of the children seem to be fairly spoiled which makes sense since the parents are trying to protect their only offspring and I wonder how this will effect the outlook of the nation.  It will be interesting to watch as this phenomenon develops in the next 20 to 30 years!!!

Finally, thanks for traveling along with us and especially for your comments….it has been such fun to share our adventures.

5 thoughts on “China wrap-up

  1. I've enjoyed living vicariously through you on this journey as well as some of your others. What a treat as your words and photos share your wonderful story so well. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. That's an interesting observation. We noticed similar things in the years we lived in the Philippines. Children and adults alike are content to sit and do nothing for ages. Where we would give a child something to fiddle with and investigate (e.g. as simple as the pegs while hanging the washing) they don't; it just doesn't occur to them, and the child sits there unstimulated.

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