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It’s Christmas Decorating Time

In the last post, I mentioned purchasing the Brobdingnagian (our favorite new word meaning REALLY, REALLY BIG) Christmas tree.  Well, we had a wonderful time decorating it, starting with Michael on the 10 foot ladder…..

DSC07394 We laughed at the tiny little star but it was the only one that we had so guess it will have to do!!!

He continued adding lights and ornaments on the top 1/3 of the tree and then I took over for the bottom 2/3rds……


I found that since I had to climb a stepstool to get to parts of the tree, I would load up with every ornament that I could carry!!


It turned out wonderfully….



After finishing the tree, I moved outside and added some lights to our deck…..


It was such fun to have the new house to decorate and was so nice to not have to climb rickety stairs up into the attic to get to the decorations!!!!  I especially enjoyed decorating the mantles and it was fun to have TWO of them to decorate….


I have never had a place to properly display the stockings so this has been a real treat…..


Here are a few more of my favorite spots in the house…..










It is so nice to have the decorating done….now if I can just get started on my shopping!!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Decorating Time

  1. What I've seen of your new home is beautiful! Our first house in Georgia had 10 fireplaces, but the one here in Texas doesn't have one at all! I miss having a mantel to decorate, even if it is too warm to have a fire in the fireplace.Your tree is beautiful!

  2. You really are displaying the Christmas spirit. Love the way the tree has turned out. That is so much work. I can't imagine decorating a tree that size.

  3. So lovely to see the way that you have decorated your new home, everything looks so lovely. You will just have to get on with making a bigger star for next year.

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