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You cut a hole WHERE??

The plan for yesterday was to get the Flower Pot quilting finished.  I was in a bit of a hurry because a couple of the fabrics had bled a little bit when I sprayed the top with water to see how the quilting looked without the blue lines. So, I wanted to get it finished quickly and get it in to soak.

I was going along well with just two straight lines in the border to finish it off.  I had the brainstorm of using a strip of masking tape to mark the lines so that I could sew along the edge…..


So, as I was quilting the last line I realized that the tape was causing a small pucker in the top.  Well, I couldn’t let there be a pucker, so I grabbed my seam ripper to slice the masking tape…..and then it happened…..



I looked at it for a while and decided to try to patch it and quilt over it……


Nope…that looks terrible.

Instead I spent the next two hours  taking out three lines of quilting (about 30 inches worth), piecing together bits of the border fabric to make a strip long enough and re-inserting the border.

Finally…..it was finished!!!

I drew a bath of warm water, added some Synthrapol and a few color catcher sheets and pitched the quilt in.  The water turned a light purple but the color catchers did their job and the color didn’t migrate to other areas of the quilt.  After a short soak, I drained the water and started over again with cool water. 

The quilt was moved to the washer for a spin cycle and then into the dryer for a bit to remove more of the water.

Then it was back upstairs where I moved some furniture in the guest sitting room and was able to lay out the quilt to finish drying.  It is so nice to have a bit of room for this!!!


All that is left is to square it up, add the binding, sleeve and label.


Cant wait to have it finished!!!!

6 thoughts on “You cut a hole WHERE??

  1. Your quilt is stunning. After all that has happened I am so pleased it has turned out so well.I am also pleased that the hole was on the outside border. At least that was the easiest to fix. It is a pity there was all that extra work, but worth it in the end.Lovely to see it so close to finished.

  2. France's this is absolutely gorgeous. Thank goodness the hole was where it was. You were so right to re-do the border. It would nHave been wrong to have patched such a beautiful piece of work.

  3. Yep, sounds familar . I always have to fix it and then replace it. You always know what needs to be done but sometimes tearing out that much work is so hard to contemplate. Gorgeous !

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