The making of a Curry….

When my husband, Michael, was working in Glasgow in December he found a night to attend a cooking class.  Since Indian Curry is a specialty in the UK, he expected to come back with great ideas for cooking Curry…..he was not disappointed.

Last weekend he ran to a local specialty market and came home with all of the ingredients, including Cardamom seeds, Cumin seeds, Star Anise, Garam Masala, Ginger, peppers, Stick Cinnamon and lots of goodies…..



First step was to grind all of the spices using the Granite Mortar and Pestle that we brought back from Australia……DSC07932

Aren’t these beautiful…..and aromatic…..


The vegetables were chopped……DSC07943

Spices added……


…..and blended into a wonderful curry paste…..


The curry was heated, chicken added and then cooked….DSC07953

After cooking, the garnish made of Coconut milk, tomatoes and onions was added…


The finished curry was magnificent…..


The Basmati Rice was cooked with Cardamom pods, Star Anise and Stick Cinnamon…..


The resulting meal was terrific……DSC07961

….so, are you hungry yet?????

2 thoughts on “The making of a Curry….

  1. Yes, that does make me hungry!! Great idea to take the class, too.So does this mean curry for dinner every night for the next week or so?What is the next challenge for Michael?

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