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Bird Rescue Mission

On Wednesday evening we were contacted by the painters (who are re-painting our  outside trim) telling us that they would be arriving early Thursday morning.  We were excited that they were being able to get started…..and then we remembered the birds!!!!  How would they ever survive???

We spoke with the foreman and he told us that they would try to be careful around the nest so we watched and waited.

On the first day, they pressure washed and started painting the second floor windows and trim.  The babies survived and at the end of the day, Mama and Daddy Cardinal were madly feeding the babies before evening.

On day two, things went well until they needed to paint the window that is right by their nest.  Unfortunately, a ladder hit the bush and messed up the nest so that it wasn’t very secure in the bush.  Also, it threw one of the babies out and unfortunately he didn’t survive the fall.

Now for the rescue…..

My sweet and caring husband went outside and used twine to make a sort of net under the nest and also to contract the branches around the nest so that it would be better supported…..


The  Mama and Daddy Cardinals hadn’t been around the nest for several hours so he became worried that the birds might be dehydrated, so out came a cup of water and teaspoon and he spoon-feed a few drops of water into the baby’s waiting mouths…..


The parent Cardinals arrived soon after and, after having a good look around, started once again feeding and brooding their babies. 

Maybe the worst is over!!!!   Our only concern is that, as the babies get larger, the nest may not hold together. 

But for now, we are once again enjoying nature right outside our window!!!!!

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