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The hilarity associated with Linda Cantrell


This past week, Linda Cantrell visited my guild and gave a 45 minute talk about her wonderful, comic approach to quilting. 

I first noticed Linda’s quilts MANY years ago at the Houston Quilt Festival when this quilt caught my attention….


I remember spend 15 minutes looking at this quilt, taking in all of the details and enjoying the humorous aspects of the quilt.

As she showed her many quilts, I was truly amazed at the details that she included in each quilt.  Have a look at this one…..


…and then check out some of the details…..DSC00835

One of my favorite pieces was a story quilt of Sunbonnet Sue, starting with her shotgun wedding to Overall Sam, and ending with a true “Cliff Hanger” where she falls off of a cliff and is holding onto a tree branch as a UFO targets her….DSC00818

The story continues in the next quilt where you see Sue sleeping on a park bench under a stack of newspapers (bottom right)!!!DSC00819

This quilt looked into a local diner and pictured the occupants of one booth throughout the hours of the day……DSC00823

As wonderful as her quilts were, her delivery was even better.   We interrupted her several times with applause and all came away with a happy, content feeling about the art of quilting!!!

If you ever have the chance to attend one of her lectures, DO NOT MISS IT!!!!

One thought on “The hilarity associated with Linda Cantrell

  1. Sounds like you had such a good time. the quilts are amazing and, although I don't normally like Sunbonnet Sue, this is such an original take on it that it was lovely to see. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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