Piecing those pesky curves


I have been enjoying working on a quilt that I first posted about in May.   I had pieced a few blocks back then but hadn’t gotten any further….


Last week, I started making more blocks and adding them to the design wall, but it just didn’t look right.  I finally realized that the curves all had to go in the same direction.   Much better……


I have had a lot of fun piecing the blocks and have found them to be fairly easy to do.   I was trying to figure out how to describe the piecing process, but decided instead to do a video.  Here goes…..


I taped this several times to pick which one I liked best and realized that in one of them, my daughter’s dog (Marley) was photo-bombing me!!…..


After each curve was stitched, I spritzed it with water and then ironed it flat. 

The final step was to cut the block down to a 7-1/2 inch square.  There were a few that weren’t quite big enough, but I was able to add bits of fabric here and there to make it work.

I then put them all up on the wall…..


As I looked it over, I realized that there were a few blocks that stood out too much, such as this gold one…..


I pulled two such blocks and added another stripe in a different fabric to tone them down.

Finally, I knew that I wanted to add some accent pieces across the quilt so started adding small strips of red fabrics….

DSC08866Then I noticed that there were bits of red color on my ironing board cover…..


Uh-oh….something isn’t color-fast!!!!    The offending fabric was a piece that I had bought in India and was one of my favorites……DSC08869

….but I couldn’t afford to leave it in the quilt, so I cut them out and replaced with other fabrics.


At this point, I need to decide what borders to use.  I am thinking about using larger blocks that are also pieced in curves but to have the curves moving around the quilt.

More fun to follow…….

3 thoughts on “Piecing those pesky curves

  1. These blocks are looking great. I am so pleased you have decided to work on this one again. Shame about the red fabric but good that you found out in time. It was interesting watching your video, too.

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