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Product Review…..Tarptent & ULA Packs


I wanted to write a separate post about some of the equipment that we used on our trip.

First are our Backpacks…..  On our first Backpacking trip (on our honeymoon in 1977), we both carried frame packs that weighed MANY  pounds when empty….



When we got ready to start hiking again, Michael did some research and came up with a company called ULA Equipment.  The name stands for “Ultra-Light Adventure” and all of their equipment is sturdy and SUPER lightweight. 

Michael chose the “Catalyst” model  (weighs 3 pounds) for himself and picked the “Circuit” (weighs 2.5 pounds) model for me.   Chris (the owner) was a great help as we decided which size of pack we needed and which type of straps would best fit our body type.   We must have chosen wisely because I barely felt the 18 pounds that I was carrying…..


….and it is a pretty purple color!!!

We also purchased our sleeping bags from ULA and were plenty warm even though it was in the 30’s during the night.


The tent we chose was the “StratoSpire 2” from Tarpent.  Once again, the owner and employees have been really helpful, patiently answering all of our questions about water-proofing and setting up the tent. 


The tent only weights 2.5 pounds and EASILY sleeps two. 

It was amazing how warm it stayed in the tent during the night.  Between the comfort of the tent and the warmth of the sleeping bags, we actually got too hot….amazing!!!

We are also using Thermarest Sleeping pads…..


….and “Black Diamond” trekking poles.    For many years we had just used a staff but have both found that having two trekking poles makes the hike much easier!!

The new equipment certainly makes the hiking experience MUCH more fun!!!!

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