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I have been creating….I promise!!!

I haven’t posted in two weeks, but I have actually had time to work on various projects, but just no time to write the blog and post about them!!

My plan was to first finish up the Aussie fabric top and back.   In my last POST about this project,  I was struggling to get the outside border right. 

When I started working again, I decided to go ahead and put the red border on the quilt.   If you remember, I had debated about using a fabric that I bought in India but was still concerned that it would bleed, so I opted for another red that I had in m stash.

I started making and randomly positioning blocks around the outside of the quilt…..DSC08930

…..ending up with the 1/4 circle blocks in each corner…….


I am very happy with the final product…..DSC08934

and especially happy with the extended design wall that just fit the Queen size top!!


Next step was to piece the back.   I had a lot of other Australian fabrics that I wanted to use for the back with the hopes that I wouldn’t have many left when it was done.  They were all shapes and sizes, so it was interesting to decide exactly how to use them.

Since I knew that the top size was almost the exact same size as my design wall, I cleaned it off…….


…..and started slapping fabric chunks up…..DSC08941

….sewing and adding……DSC08942

…..making changes here and there……DSC08943

…..until I had the wall completely covered (plus a bit of extra)…..



I will get it sandwiched so that I can quilt on it a bit at a time during the busy times of tax season.

2 thoughts on “I have been creating….I promise!!!

  1. Your quilt has come together so well and is looking great. I like the curves around each corner. Definitely makes sense. That is a lot of work for the backing but it is worth it to use up the fabric. And it really creates a reversible quilt.Lovely!

  2. It looks great. I am glad that you went with the red border, even though it is a different piece and the half circles are a really good idea. Inspired way of putting the back together too.

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