2013 in my rear view mirror

This evening I was sitting down to write my annual “this is what I created this past year” post and was feeling fairly down because I didn’t feel like I had done much.   As I started looking thru past posts, I became more excited as I realized that I had actually worked on several pieces and am very proud of each of them.

The year started out with the quilting work on “Flower Pot, Flower Pot”, the quilt that Mom and I made together……


Next was a quickie Mug Rug for Valentines Day…..


…..followed by a top made in a Rayna Gillman workshop that I turned into a chair back cover…..


In May, my creative group started working on the “Use It Up Challenge” which resulted in this fun piece…


I happily finished a quilt that had been started about 6 years ago and is now being used as my lap quilt of choice…..


There was one other “finished” project during the year…..this little Christmas quilt….


There have been two “starts” that will hopefully be finished early in 2014.

The Aussie Fabric quilt which is ready to be basted and hopefully quilted during the few minutes of relaxing during tax season…..


And, finally, the Pueblo quilt that still needs a few hours of quilting……


I could ALWAYS complain that I haven’t had enough time to create, but this year has been different.  I have greatly enjoyed my studio time and am VERY happy with the output for the year.

Tonight Michael and I are celebrating in our own way…..


…..with Dairy Queen Blizzards and relaxing in our recliners!!!!

I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year’s!!!!

On to 2014!!!

2 thoughts on “2013 in my rear view mirror

  1. The Pueblo quilt already looks amazing!! Happy New Year friend! I love all of these and can't wait to see what you make in 2014!

  2. You really have produced an amazing amount considering that you are relatively new to the house. Your new studio is obviously inspiring you though. Have a lovely and productive 2014

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