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Today has been interesting!!!   We woke up at 4:45 this morning to the sound of ice crystals hitting the roof and windows.  After laying there for about 5 minutes, Michael had the wonderful idea that we should go ahead and get up and get our showers in case we lost electricity.  So, our day started early.

Throughout the day there has been a steady fall of sleet with  an accumulation at 8:00 pm of over 3 inches of ICE!!!

We realized early this morning that the birds were fighting for a place on the bird feeder so Michael braved the  elements and put out a large lid full of seeds…..


By 1:00pm, they had finished the seeds and patiently waited for  him to replenish them!!!   It has been fun to watch them throughout the day!

Fortunately, we have NOT lost our electricity but the candles are out, along with backpacking head lamps, so we are prepared if things go dark…..


And, how can I say this diplomatically……


2 thoughts on “Ice-Apocalypse

  1. It's hard to imagine what all that ice muster be like as it's something that we don't seem to suffer from. Glad that you didn't lose power and that Michael kept the birds satisfied.

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