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Tulip Time

Last Fall I bought a box of mixed Tulips and planted about 75 bulbs in my little flower garden.

As they started coming up and blooming, I was unhappy because they were all red…


…..beautiful, but only one color!!

Then, as the red tulips started to fade, a new crop emerged….this time a bit more toward a purple color and a little spikier…..

Then came the beautiful white ones……


….that suddenly started turning to a lovely pink…..


So, for Easter Sunday, we had a beautiful bed of pink tulips to remind us of God’s love!!

The other wonderful plant in our yard is a Snowball Bush…..

photo 2

The blooms are outstanding…..

photo 4

AHHHHH….. Spring at last!!!!

2 thoughts on “Tulip Time

  1. Your tulips are lovely. I had to laugh as I bought some new bulbs this year, white, black and green and I've got at least 10 bright red ones that have appeared amongst them! Your snowball bush is gorgeous. I love mine but it is much smaller than yours although covered with flowers.

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