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Raffle quilt update…..

Last week I spent much of my free time piecing on the Guild raffle quilt, finishing the center section on Tuesday……


I am pleased with the sparkle that all of the fabrics brings!!  Now I needed to start thinking about adding some borders.   Since I had SO many extra half-square triangles, I began planning to use those in the border.  

I headed to my computer and starting playing with EQ, coming up with these three ideas……


I took these to the Charity  Bee on Wednesday morning and a decision was made to use the first design.

We then started thinking about the inner border and what fabrics to use.   We tried lots of different colors and never did really come to a consensus….


We finally decided that I would go ahead and piece the border this week and next Wednesday we would all bring fabrics that we think might work.    There are a few Turquoise fabrics and we have even considered doing something like that.

I think that part of the problem is the narrowness of this border, but it pretty much has to be that way in order for the outside blocks to fit.

My thinking is that I am going to be cursing as I sew together 180 HST’s!!!

More to come…….

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