Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances

When you are married to a scientist…..


…..you find notes like this on your door…….


Then, of course we have to take it out of the truck and take photos of it’s gorgeous colors and patterns……


Michael’s first words were “I think that this would make a gorgeous quilt!!”.

Early in our marriage we owned two pocket mice named Popcorn and Fizzle (reflective of their personalities) and a Kangaroo Rat named Dippy (from the genus Dipodomys). 

This is not a photo of Dippy, but will give you an idea what he looked like……


Our animal collection was rather tame compared to one set of friends who had a Mongoose, a Blue-Tongued Skink, a Flying Squirrel and a Rhinoceros Viper!!

3 thoughts on “When you are married to a scientist…..

  1. Ha ha! I'm also married to a scientist, but he has never brought a snake home! It does have beautiful patterns, but so does a rattlesnake! I hope I never see one alive! (I've seen a couple of dead ones lately!)

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