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Antiquing we will go…..

Over the last few months, several people have mentioned that I should to “Ian Hendersons Antique Mall”  in Monroe (pronounced MUNroe), Georgia.  So on Friday, I decided to take a field trip.

It is housed in the old Monroe Cotton Mill and has 85,000 square feet of space filled with booths from 700 vendors!!!  This was my first look down ONE of the aisles……


I was looking for two things….firstly a Wash Stand to put in my guest bathroom and then a long, narrow mirror to put over the Mantel in our Keeping room.  At first it took a lot of time to look thru the booths, but then I got my eye in and was able to move thru the booths fairly quickly.

I found one Wash Stand that I really liked (for only $97), but unfortunately it was already sold……


The other one that I am still considering is taller and I am afraid that it might dwarf the bathroom, but it certainly was nice…..


I found lots of other interesting things, including this Elvis lamp…..


….and this travel trunk……


There were a few quilts, but not any that were very exciting, however I did enjoy seeing this Wool Penny Rug……


I will definitely return every few months to see what else they have!!!

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