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Using the berries…..

After picking the berries on Friday, we decided that it was time to use some of them.   One of my friends had talked about making a Peach/Blackberry cobbler that was wonderful.   Even though I didn’t have her recipe, I did a Google search and came up with one.

It was very interesting because you first melted butter in the bottom of the pan, poured the batter in next and then topped it with the fruit……


It came out of the oven looking like this…..


….and tasted wonderful served warm with a bit of ice cream…..



Speaking of food for the summer, we have continued trying the Indian food that we bought last month.   We made a wonderful Korma Curry using chicken and a simple bottle of sauce……


….and another rice dish using Basmati and a few Tablespoons of sauce…..


SOOOOO much fun!!!

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