This one is finished……

When I last left you with the strip quilt, it looked like this……


As I looked at the photos, I realized that the two corner blocks did not look good because the angles were wrong.  Several people said not to worry about it, but it kept bothering me so I eventually changed it……


AHHH….much better!!

I couldn’t figure out where to head next with the quilt so took the top to the Charity Bee that I go to on Wednesday morning and we all had a good look at it and everyone started making suggestions.    Most agreed that there should be an accent inner border and then a larger outer border.  Most people were going for a dark brown accept border, but Pat took one look and said “it has to be turquoise”.   So, I took her suggestion  and started playing with turquoise.  

I liked how it looked, but couldn’t figure out what to put on the outside.   I kept coming back to a reddish fabric but couldn’t make myself put it up against the turquoise.   I yelled for Michael to come and he immediately thought that it looked great…..


Here is the finished top…..


I wanted to use the rest of the brown fabric on the back but there wasn’t quite enough so I pieced some strips to make an inset…..


I spent a long time thinking about how to quilt this piece.   I wanted it to be a quick quilting job, but still wanted it to work with the pattern.   For some reason, I just didn’t want to follow the piecing lines, so I finally decided to just use straight parallel lines…..


I am very happy with this quilt and love the way it softened up after washing.

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