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Welcome to America…..

On Friday we welcomed two young Chinese women into our home.  They are both going into Master’s programs at the University of Georgia and will spend the two weeks with us before they move into their apartments.

Their names are Luhan (on the right)  and Qingru (on the left)……


We have been having a wonderful time with these two sweet women and are excited to see the way that they ask questions and want to learn all about where they will be living for the next two years.

On the first night we talked about Broccoli, taxidermy and the every important Brownies with Ice Cream.

Yesterday we treated them to Scrambled Eggs and Sausage for breakfast and mastered Hummingbirds, Cardinals, Fettuccine, and Pavlova , to name a few!!   They spent about an hour walking around the neighborhood and were excited to have scared up two deer!!

This morning, we had Biscuits and Strawberry Jam for breakfast,  went to Church, and this evening we took them to Dairy Queen so that they could get a taste of their first American fast food.  They had to try the French Fries first!!

When we talk about something new they ask us to write it down so that they can see how it is spelled and then each puts it on a list of new words with the Chinese version next to it….a really smart way of learning.

They have enjoyed walking around our home and asking questions about what things were and where they came from and have been very complimentary of the “Palace” that we live in.

Tomorrow (Monday), they start a rigorous week of orientation at UGA.

We are enjoying our time with them and are looking forward to taking them shopping and helping them to get settled into their apartments.

More fun to come……

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