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UFO’s Everywhere

Two weeks ago I found myself in my studio, looking at this…..


A completely empty table just doesn’t happen that often!!!

So, I decided to rummage in my closet and have a look thru my “UFO” box…..


First out of the box was a quilt top that I started during a Pat Speth workshop….


I spent a bit of time on EQ trying to figure out what borders to add to it and put it away for another day.

Next out was a top that I made MANY years ago as part of a guild workshop…..


I have never been that excited about his pattern or top and was NOT looking forward to working on it.   Then I had the brilliant idea to give it to the Guild Charity Bee so that it could become a lap quilt for one of our charities……ONE GONE!!!

Next was a thread painting that I did in a Susan Brubaker Knapp workshop…..


I took it to the Bee as well, and someone else is putting borders around it and making it into a Lap quilt also.

Next, was a series of blocks that I made during a piecing workshop a long time ago……DSC02789

I have NO idea what can be done with all of this, but one of our Charity Bee members has taken it home to play with.

Next in the pile were these blocks from a quilt that I started back in 1997…..


I did a bit of machine applique on the lion and happily handed it off to a guild member too.

Next was a piece that I started when we were in Rome in 2010…..DSC02783

OK….here is one that I am looking forward to finishing…..sometime!!!!


The rest of the box contained UFO’s that my Mother has sent to me….those can easily wait for another time!!!!


I know that I didn’t actually FINISH anything, but it feels good to pass some on and remind myself of what there is still to do!!

3 thoughts on “UFO’s Everywhere

  1. I think that first one is lovely as it is! I'd quilt that baby up, but then I'm not really a borders kind of gal to begin with. 🙂

  2. Smart move!! You know they would only sit in the box for a lot more years. This way they get finished and someone will get to enjoy them.

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