What I Did This Summer……


Remember on the first day of school when you were asked to write an essay about what you did that summer?   Well, since Labor Day has passed and that has always marked the end of summer, I decided that it was time to write my essay.

This is the first year since 2005 that we have not had at least one major trip during the summer months.  We both greatly enjoy our travels, but were looking forward to a bit of freedom.  At the end of May I wrote a post (click here to read) about this fact and what I was wanting to accomplish during the free time.  Let’s see how I have done…..

One of my plans for the summer was to spend time having coffee or lunches with friends each week and I managed to do this 12 times during the summer.   Sometimes there were two during and week and sometimes none, but a lot of fun spending time with old and new friends!!

Another goal was for Michael and I to go out to dinner each week and to try a few new places.   We went out ___ times and tried 5 new restaurants.

I spent quite a bit of time in my office getting things caught up and am very happy about where things stand now.  I was also able to get some organization done on things that I brought from my Mom’s house last year.

I was hoping to spend lots of time in my studio, maybe even spending some time each day up there.  That plan didn’t work out as well, but I am happy with the projects that I was able to work on, including…..

Istanbul domes….


….piecing the Guild’s Raffle quilt (here is the finished product)……


…..Diane’s Strip Quilt…..


….the two quilts for Qingru and Luhan……


…..and I finished the quilting on my Pueblo quilt that was started in December…..


Looking thru all of these, I see that I am very much into using Turquoise as an accent fabric!!!


In addition, Michael has worked at home this summer, writing on a book, so he and I have enjoyed numerous lunches together on the deck, watching the birds at the feeding station and generally enjoying our time together.

Finally, I have enjoyed doing some reading, starting with the Harry Potter Series (again) and now I am reading books from the “Longmire Mysteries” series. 

All in all, it has been a  relaxing, wonderful summer……now onto Fall!!

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