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Home Again…..

For the last five days, Michael and I have spent time at our favorite relaxing spot…..  Snowbird Mountain Lodge.  We have been visiting this Inn for the past 18 years and figure that we have been there well over 10 times!!!  It is a wonderful place, with three meals each day and lots of places to relax and enjoy!!!

Three of the days were spent on the property, enjoying morning views of the mountains in the mist…..


…..and afternoon views of the gorgeous ranges….


There are two walking trails on site and we enjoyed a walk to one of the points.   There were wonderful pieces of art along the way……




….and more examples of the attention to detail that Snowbird is known for…..


We spent one day hiking on the Appalachian Trail (more to come about that) and I spent two days working on my hexagon quilt (more to come about that also).

It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to a fun, relaxing summer!!!

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