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Time for the reveal……

As I mentioned in my last post, I finished (mostly) the hexie quilt that I was making as a challenge from my “Creative Group” (we really need to find a good name!!)!!!

It was good that the meeting was at my house because I was upstairs up until 25 minutes before the first guest arrived trying to get my project finished.  

We started our meeting with a lovely dinner, compliments of my sweet husband…..


Then came the fun….

Linda started us off with her miniature piece using 1 inch cut squares, resulting in 1/2 inch finished patches….wow.    Linda is fairly new to quilting so this was quite an accomplishment for her……


Denise was the next to show her TWO quilts, both working with small squares as well.  Her first was a reverse color wheel which was finished months ago.



She started a second one late in the game and was just putting on the binding when our meeting started…….DSC03323

Deb wanted to work with some lower contrast pieces and has come up with this beautiful design.  Her embroidery is exquisite….cant wait to see it finished!!DSC03324

Brenda had planned to do some crazy work using some old handkerchiefs from her Mom.  In the final analysis, she couldn’t bear to cut them up so at the last minute she opted for tumblers and crazy patchwork hearts.  I think that she is planning to add some beads to the top and bottom border…should be cute….DSC03325

Ruhanna had already given her quilt away but brought photos and a cute story about her granddaughter being scared of thunderstorms.   Apparently the quilt arrived in the middle of a storm and now it is her Thunderstorm protector !!!DSC03326

Faye started out with larger blocks of Dupioni silk and then found a 3-D butterfly from a class that she added with great effect.  We especially loved the wired antennae!!DSC03327

Lastly, Cleo chose a piece that was monochromatic as her inspiration, however she got quickly bored with the one color so the palette expanded. She does gorgeous beading and is a wonderful teacher as well.    This piece is still a work in progress and we cant wait to see the finished project…..DSC03328

We had a wonderful evening together….cant wait until the next meeting in November.   Our mandate for that meeting is to make prayer flags to share with each other!!

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  1. Frances, I m so jealous of that beautiful table escape. when I saw it on Facebook, I sad I wish I had the picture of it. You know I've never had table escapes of Thanksgiving, Christmas or theme of Halloween and I would really happy to post on my blog and define the details of those kind of Foreign traditions like America's. İf you get the table setting photo of any kind of holy days like those above, could you please share it with me? I would be grateful! Take care!

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