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Come fly with me…..

Yesterday we left on our journey to Colombia, but not without a few rough spots!!  On Saturday night our air conditioner quit cooling properly so we had to have a technician come in on Sunday morning and look at it before we left.  There is work to be done but hopefully it will all be finished long before we get back home!!!

We drove to Atlanta and met Brian and Amber at their apartment and they drove us to the airport.  After a short wait and a small meal, we boarded our Delta flight to Bogota. 


I had a wonderful time watching the Safety Video before the flight.  It is obvious that the realization has dawned  that most people don’t watch the video so they have added lots of cute things to make it more fun, including a cat riding on a Roomba!!!   If you have absolutely nothing else to do, check it out here….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vttuonfu2BM

There was a young man sitting next to us who was from Germany but loved traveling to South American countries and tried to make a trip each year.  He is a physician and we had an interesting time talking to him about the differences in medical care in the US and Germany.

As usual, Michael worked on a review article that he is writing and I spent some time perusing the videos on the entertainment screen.  I watched two Ted Talks that were really interesting.

The first was about a man who takes old books (mostly encyclopedias) and turns them into art.  He first opens the book and folds some of the pages back.  Then he covers the outside pages with a resin to make them hard but leaves the internal pages loose.  Finally, he cuts a hole in the resin and uses the pages below as the basis for his work.  You should check it out…..


The next Ted Talk was about “How to make Toast”…..well not really, but that was the first example.  This was about how we think thru processes and what is the best way to plan and organize your work and to solve problems as they occur.  I am not a particularly spontaneous quilter as I like to think thru the process before I start so I think that some of his ideas could work for me too.   Here is the link to this talk….


There were a lot of thunderstorms in our path so there was a fair amount of turbulence.  Fortunately that doesn’t both either of us but it did make typing a bit hard for Michael……his fingers kept missing the keys!!  He will need to proof read carefully!!

We arrived at the airport and got thru immigration quickly.  Unfortunately it took a LONG time for our bags to get out.  They were having some trouble with the luggage belt and it kept stopping.  But at least they both arrived!

We were met at the front door by Juliana, one of the students that will be in Michael’s classes.  She was accompanied by her Aunt Claudia who was our driver for the evening.  Juliana had fallen and had her wrist in a cast and couldn’t drive so her Aunt brought her…..it was so kind of them!!!

We arrived at the hotel about 11:30 and started the process of checking in.  We asked if the café was still open and the young attendant said yes and RAN over to get a menu for us so that we would be ready to order quickly.   We shared a turkey sandwich and small piece of cheesecake and then dragged our bodies upstairs to our room, arriving about 12:30am. 

We were soon snoring, marking the end of our first day of travel!!

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  1. That is definitely more entertaining than the Air Canada safety instructions. Sounds like a good trip and I hope that Michael didn't have to make too many corrections!

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