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A whole lotta eatin goin on!!!

Our first Wednesday in Armenia consisted of a lot of work time for both of us and a LOT of eating!!!

Michael taught his second class at the school and I spent most of the day doing some accounting work.  I LOVE the fact that I can keep on working even when I am not at home and I really need to be doing that right now since I will only have 2-1/2 weeks at home before we leave for India!!!

We did find out today that Michael was shown in one of the local newspapers…..

M in NewspaperM in Newspaper  2

DON’T ask me to translate!!!

A group of 10+ met for lunch today and we went to a lovely restaurant that had an open air dining room…..   DSC05130

By the way, almost every restaurant has tables that are out in the open!!!

Once again, there was a very fast, very confusing recital of the foods available and I decided that Chicken and vegetables sounded good.   This time, it came as a tomato stew that had a wonderful flavor…..DSC05125

Dessert was a cute LITTLE bowl of jello….DSC05127

As I am always on the lookout for a good design I found the table runner to be interesting…..


The afternoon consisted of more working time and then, of course, there was dinner!!!

We met up with a group of others and headed to Mi Cuate, a Mexican style restaurant.   I thought that the table decoration was cute and a good omen for the meal to come….


I was very excited that I actually understood the listings on the menu…..Enchiladas, Rellenos, Frijoles, Tacos, Burritos….you get the idea!!

Michael ordered an Enchilada plate that looked yummy…..


….and I close a platter that had “mini” versions of a taco, burrito and quesadilla…..DSC05137

One of the other guests ordered tacos and we were impressed with the manner in which they were served.  It is sort of hard to see, but they are wedged into a large wooden block with 3 slots cut out……DSC05139

Anyway, it was a FULL day of eating and we waddled our way back to our hotel.   We have GOT to stop this!!!

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