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A quiet Sunday

On Sunday morning, we awoke and went downstairs for our usual breakfast but the doors were locked and the lights were off.  We went to the front desk to check it out and were told that the hotel had changed owners the day before and that breakfast was now being served on the 4th floor.  We arrived there but found out that the Espresso machine had not been moved so Michael was unable to get Espresso and I couldn’t get hot tea!!

Michael had planned to skip out on the afternoon sessions and we decided to take a walk to the local shopping mal and look for Espresso!!!  As in the US, the most populated area of the entire mall was the food court!!!


We bought some coffee and an ice cream cone and sat and enjoyed one of our favorite pastimes ….people watching.

These were our observations….

  –  In a country that has MAGNIFICENT food, the longest line in the food court was for “Frisby Fried Chicken”!!!

  –  The milk that the Ice Cream vendor was using came in a bag rather than a carton.  She put the bag into a plastic pitcher and poured it out that way.

  –  One of the restaurants served HUGE platters of grilled meats, along with a big paper bib to wear. 

  –  This same restaurant would bring your food out into the food court and I saw several confused waiters looking for the sign showing where their customer was sitting.

We walked around the mall and decided to do a bit of shopping in a store called “Olimpica”.  My best description of this store would be a mini Walmart!!

We found bags of Salsa de Tomate (Ketchup)….


I cant imagine being able to use this right out of the bag!!

We were not so sure about these next two products….

….exactly WHAT is “Gorila Snot Gel”???


….and we are not too sure about a spice called “Color”DSC05201

I looked at the ingredients, but still don’t have any idea exactly what it is, whether it has any flavor, and is it just for color???

For dinner, we enjoyed burgers are our favorite sports bar…..DSC05207DSC05208

I finally got tired of drinking beer so ordered a Coke, although it is called a “Gaseosa”…..DSC05206

A nice way to enjoy a Sunday!!!

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  1. Growing up in India, milk came in plastic pouches just like you saw, not in bottles or cartons. And that “color” spice, wonder if it is turmeric? Or annatto- although that's more orange than yellow.

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