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School is out…..

When I meet Michael each day at the University, I normally have to wait for a few minutes and  have enjoyed watching the goings on around the campus.  There is a “crosswalk” just in front of the entrance and there are cars, motorcycles, scooters, taxis and bicycles going every which direction.  I put crosswalk in quotes because cars do not stop for you to cross.   You just find a gap and step into it!!

I have seen motorcycle restaurant deliveries from a pizza place, a fried chicken joint, a Chinese restaurant and a Japanese restaurant. 

The most amazing thing are the variety of people riding motorcycles or scooters.  There were Mom’s dropping off their daughters, boyfriends picking up their girlfriends and one vendor who was carrying mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies on his.

The first order of business for this morning was to say goodbye to Juliana.  She was having surgery to remove pins from her wrist on Wednesday morning so was having to leave the school early…..DSC05240

The special course at Universidad de Quindio was winding down today and they were busy getting ready for the Symposium that starts on Wednesday.  The course had about 50 students with  6 or 7 different teachers, each leading 3  sessions…..DSC08237

Michael said that the students were all bright and that it was a pleasure to get to know them and work with them.

He even met his “academic” granddaughter….. image1

….Tatianna did graduate studies with one of Michael’s former students.

To celebrate the end of the school, we were all taken to a local restaurant for a wonderful meal.   It started with a phenomenal soup, however we have no idea what type of soup it was….maybe potato, maybe bean…but definitely tasty!!!DSC05256

It was followed with a breaded fried pork, rice, home made potato chips and salad…..DSC05257

There was much discussion among these biologists as to what type of flower was used to garnish the plate!!!

It was a jovial group with many speeches thanking the organizers.


We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, but did venture to stick our hand out of the hotel window to take some photos of a magnificent sunset behind some huge Thunderclouds…..


The lightning display as the night went on was electrifying!!!

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