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Many goodbyes…..


As Michael headed out for his last day of working in Colombia, I had one thing in mind……to find out how to make our Cellphones usable in foreign countries.  We had been told that they were “unlocked” so that we could use a different countries SIM card, but they hadn’t worked when we first arrived.  SO, I spent about 2 hours following posts on the internet and finally discovered how to make mine work!!!!

I picked up Michael’s phone at his lunch break and we were both fully connected by 2:00pm!!!   Hallelujah!!!

Over the last two weeks, I had seen an older man standing outside of the University gates, doing a brisk trade selling lollipops, gum, cigarettes (one at a time) and renting cell phones.  I had smiled at him and then spoken to him over the last few days.  Today, he came up and gave me a  packet of Chiclets as a gift.   It was so sweet!!!   I had planned to take a selfie of him and myself when I returned that evening, but he was gone and I haven’t seen him since.  It is interactions like this that make my trips so very special and memorable!!

A group photo was taken after the last talk and I just happened to be in the audience so ended up right in the middle towards the front…..the only accountant at the ColEvol meetings!!!!


To end off the Symposium there was a special presentation by a dance troupe from the area.   Our friend, Katherine was one of the dancers and I especially wanted to see her talents!!

We were not disappointed!!! 

This is beautiful Katherine….


The first series of dances were telling the story of the coffee producing process, from preparing the ground, planting, picking and roasting. 

I was impressed that they did it all barefooted!!!IMG_1749




Here is a video of the “Coffee” dance…..

Coffee Dance Video

They then did a series of performances that reflected traditional Colombian dances.  The costumes were gorgeous!!!


This next dance featured the man who did a flamenco type of tap dance….IMG_1786

Here is a video showing his fancy footwork…..

More Colombian dance video

This woman’s costume was covered with three dimensional flowers….IMG_1789

And the finale was Katherine in a magnificent, colorful dress!!!!IMG_1791

Check here for the video of her dance…..

Katherine’s Gorgeous Dance Video


And then it was time to say goodbye to all of our new Colombian friends…






IMG_1801…. Camilo….IMG_1803

…..and many others.  Little did we know that we would be seeing most of them one more time as everyone was going to a local bar for a proper celebration!!

The night ended with many hugs and promises to come back to Colombia!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My daughter brought her Columbian husband to Canada and I've been sending her your posts so the grand kiddies can see Columbia!!! 🙂 The girls are gonna want fancy skirts for sure! lol

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