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Adios Colombia!!


On Saturday morning, we were picked up by Victor and Katherine and taken to the airport to make our flight back to Bogota.  


We left with heavy hearts, but with remembrances of so many good friends.  AND, we now have invitations to come back to almost EVERY city in Colombia!!!!  So many people told us “ Mi casa is su casa” (my house is your house).

We checked into our Bogota hotel and went out in search of a few more souvenirs to bring home.   I had found a store called Artesanias de Colombia which carried authentic artwork from all over the country.   We were astounded with the selection of goods that they carried.  After about an hour in the store, we left with two BIG bags of stuff to use to decorate our home.

We walked around in the neighborhood and were impressed with the quality of stores in the area.  We picked out a restaurant and each ordered a roasted chicken dinner (1/2 size).  Little did we know that the 1/2 referred to half of a CHICKEN and not just a smaller serving size!!!  

It was served with a crisp salad with oil and vinegar dressing and well cooked miniature potatoes.


For dessert, I had a Chocolate Ice Cream bar which was rich and heavenly…..



We caught a taxi back to the hotel (can you say “Bat out of hell”) and spent the rest of the day crashed in our room.

As we were checking out of our hotel on Sunday morning, I looked at our stash of suitcases and carry-on bags and realized that we had turned into one of THOSE people…..


….you know, the ones who carry large BAGS of stuff onto the plane!!!


As I write this, we are about 3 hours out of Atlanta and are looking forward to getting home and resuming normal life for a few weeks before we head to India!!!

Michael and I have talked a lot about our thoughts on Colombia.  Before leaving the U.S., we were asked repeatedly why we wanted to go to Colombia….wasn’t it dangerous!!!

Instead of danger, we found gracious people who loved their country very much and were extremely happy to show it off.

As Michael wrote in a Facebook post….. “What we most want to say is that Colombia and its people have provided us with some of the sweetest experiences of our lives. It has been safe, comfortable and a magnificent adventure. If you don’t come for a visit, you are missing a really wonderful people and place. Oh, and the food is to die for!”


Thanks for traveling with us!!!

3 thoughts on “Adios Colombia!!

  1. What a fantastic trip. I am sure much of the reason you have a wonderful time on these trips is because you and Michael are so warm and nice and open to new experiences. That ice cream bar looks good! And kinda inside out- usually I see vanilla inside with a chocolate shell 🙂

  2. It's so good to hear that it is a great place to visit! I imagine that there are probably areas that aren't safe, especially out away from the cities, but I suppose most countries have more and less safe areas.Can't wait to see the reports from your next trip!

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