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Cooking for myself…..

On Thursday, Michael had a meeting a lunch  so I didn’t ride over to join him at the NCBS cafeteria.  Instead, I decided that I could use a break from Indian food so had a try at cooking for myself!!

I went to a small local market and bought some potatoes and a tomato.  We already had bread and cheese so I planned to make a Cheese & Tomato Sandwich with some fried diced potatoes.

The first problem was that I couldn’t get the gas stove to light and I still haven’t figured out why.   But, there was an Induction Hotplate so I mustered my resolve and used it instead.  

Now, I know NOTHING about Induction cooking except that you have to use a special type of pot on them.   Since I was going to start off with oil in that pot, I wanted to do a test run with something less dangerous.   I put one of the pots on the hotplate, added a bit of water and turned it on.   Amazingly, it boiled almost immediately!!

I was still worried about heating the oil so I spent several minutes trying all of the buttons and settings to decide how to best cook.

Once I was satisfied I added the oil, which heated immediately, and then the cubed potatoes…..


So far, so good!!

After they had cooked, I cleaned out the pan and placed my cheese sandwich in to cook…….


The only spatula that I had was actually a rice dipper but it still worked ok.

And……voila….lunch is served…..


I finished off the meal with some deep chocolate cookies that I had found in the store and a steaming cup of tea….


It was good to know that we could cook for ourselves and really good to have a short break from curries.

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