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Wednesday afternoon…..

On Wednesday afternoon, Michael and I went out for a walk together, heading first for a local temple which was gearing up for the upcoming Ganesha Festival…..


While we were photographing, two little boys walked up to us and one said “Hi, how are you?”  We answered him back and he beamed with excitement.   We asked if we could take their photos and they posed happily……DSC05573

We said thank you and he responded….you..are…welcome!!!

I have since seen him two other times and each time he says “Hi….how are you!!”   It is fun to have a friend in the neighborhood!!!

We then headed the other way down the street toward the other temple and found a festive atmosphere…..


….complete with many flower vendors.   The flowers are used in the worship of Ganesha, but we thought they were beautiful and bought some…..


This man had just finished stringing these beautiful little flowers and I enjoyed seeing how he put two of the small flowers together to make a “bead”…..


We also bought a string of orange and yellow carnations…..


We were astounded when we held them up and saw exactly how many flowers we had purchased…..DSC05587


We piled them up on a plate and made a beautiful flower arrangement for our table…..DSC05592

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