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You can only take one bag to Delhi!!!


Now that we have been home for over three weeks, I guess that I should finish up the story of our India trip…..

We had to fly back to Bangalore from Kathmandu because our US flight was based from there.   We had decided to spend 2 nights before we left and had wondered if we would enjoy the time or if we would be SO ready to get home that it would  be hard to stay there.

In the long run, we were still so tired from the Trek that we thoroughly enjoyed having a couple of days to relax and regroup before the flight home.   Plus, we had lots of opportunities to eat Tandoori meats and breads!!!

We got everything packed up into 2 suitcases and 2 duffle bags…exactly what we had brought with us.   This in itself was an amazing feat!!!


Our flight was traveling from Bangalore to Delhi to Amsterdam to Atlanta.  

We  headed to the Bangalore airport and got into a long line to check in.  We walked up to the next agent, a young woman.  Everything was fine until she asked us how many bags we were taking.   We said two each and her face fell and she said “But you can only take one bag to Delhi”. 

We looked at her and reiterated that we were taking two each.   She repeated “but you can only take one bag to Delhi”!  Michael told her that we knew we would need to pay for the extra bags but she looked confused and said “But you can only take one bag to Delhi”.   At this point we asked to speak to a manager.

She called the manager who was two desks down and as we waited he continued to take new customers.   After he helped two other people, I finally walked over and got into his line.   When I got up to him, I pointed to Michael and said “we need some help over there”!!

Anyway, it was finally decided that we needed to pay extra for our bags and I was directed to another desk to make the payment.   I returned with a receipt and was assured by the agent that we were good to go.  This whole effort took 45 minutes!!!

We had a good flight to Delhi but when we got into line to get our boarding passes to Amsterdam, the agent asked us if we had paid for our extra baggage.  We answered in the affirmative and handed over the receipt.   The agent looked at it and told us that it wasn’t filled out correctly and that it looked like we had just paid to get the bags to Delhi and we would have to pay again to get them to Atlanta….YIKES!!!!   

He sent us to another counter where the receipt was scrutinized and then we were sent to see a supervisor at the ticket counter.   He spent the next ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES trying to get everything straightened out.  By this stage, it was about 1:00am, we had to hustle to get thru passport control and security and get to our gate for a 2:30am boarding!!!

Once we boarded, we were SO tired that we both fell asleep immediately and slept for about 5 hours….we NEVER do this!!!!

Now we arrived in Amsterdam and once again had to get a boarding pass for the next flight.   That part was easy but when we started to board the plane, our boarding pass set off a beeper which meant that we had to go to another counter before we could board….Oi Vey!!!

Fortunately, we finally made it to Atlanta where we used our “Global Entry” credentials to fly thru immigration and customs and were met by our Son and Daughter-In-Law.  

A quick drive to Athens meant that we were home in time for dinner and then BED!!!   

Even now we are still basking in the glow of our fun journey to India and our wonderful trip to Nepal….who knows where we will go next!!!


2 thoughts on “You can only take one bag to Delhi!!!

  1. It has to make you laugh when you think how well organised and well run the trek was, but when it comes to working with technology, it held you up at every point.Glad you still arrived home as planned.

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