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A post at last!!!

I have to admit that I have NOT been in the mood to blog for the last few months.   I think that I may have overdone it during our travels and simply got a bit tired of writing them.

But, since we are in a new year, let’s try to catch up!!!

The last “quilty” post that I had was about my “Crea-8-tives” group that met back in November and showed the results of one of our challenges.   Well there were actually two projects due at that meeting, the second one being a gift for our yearly exchange.

This year we had all agreed to make a fabric book for each other and many of us struggled to come up with our ideas initially.   I did my usual trick and started out with too many ideas and just couldn’t set my mind on one in particular.  

Then, I had the opportunity to spend a day shop-sitting at my local quilt store and was able to spend some time thinking about what I wanted to do.  I enjoyed looking at the  book called “Sweet Tweets”…..

As I looked at it I started thinking about the little bird quilts that I had made for my mantel a few years ago……


…..and I was off!!!

I decided to steal the name of the book and a couple of the patterns, but challenged myself to actually draw all of the designs myself rather than tracing them or enlarging them with my copier.   This may not seem like much of a challenge, but it was a good one for me.

Once I got started making the book pages, I had SOOO much fun picking out the fabrics and doing the simple applique and thread work.

Here are the pages of my book…..


As I was making the pages, I kept reminding myself that I would need extra room on the left hand side of the page for the binnding.   But when I laid them out on my wall, I realized that half of the pages needed extra room on the RIGHT hand side…..sigh!!!

As usual, the results from the group were so much fun……

Denise made a book with quotes and things to remember, with topics ranging from Family to Football……


Ruhanna’s book featured all of the Neal Faamily Favorite Christmas recipes……


Cleo had us in stitches with her quilter’s license plates…..


Linda gave us the Sisterhood of Quilting……


Faye brought a bit of Christmas cheer…..


And, Brenda made a lovely book of quilter’s wisdom which is now happily residing in my studio!!!


Brenda and I have a “thing”going where I always get the gift that she made…..I LOVE it!!!!


Although it was two months ago, it was a wonderul night and lots of fun with special friends!!!!

OK…..one blog post down….maybe I can get a roll going!!!

3 thoughts on “A post at last!!!

  1. Great result with your book challenge. You always end up coming up with a good result. Lovely to also see what others have created. It was a very interesting challenge.

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