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Let’s play Catch-up .…


Once again, I have not found time for blogging over the last two months, but have actualy had a bit of time in my studio.  SO….let’s catch up…..

First of all, the last post was about a quilt for a special baby and the other day I saw a photo of him sleeping on my quilt……


It makes my heart warm to see this!!!!

I also have a wonderful friend (Phyllis) who collects selvidge edges of fabrics and makes mug rugs from them.   Several years ago she gave me one as a thank you for serving on a guild committee……photo 31

I was talking to her back in January and told her that I had a great time using  it.  She smiled and told me that she makes  a new mug rug each month for her sister and that she would add me to the “Mug Rug of the Month” club!!!  How exciting!!!! 

Here is the first one that I received for March……

photo 1 (2)

It fits perfectly on my desk and was such fun to use.   She has since given me the ones for April, May and June…..

photo 32

I love coming to the first of a month and getting to pull out a new one.   This is such a thoughtful and special gift!!!


Moving on…… When my Cre-8-tive group met back in November, we discussed the fact that we always make our challenges using our “go-to” technique.   For me, it normally has something to do with Machine Quilting!!  So, we decided that our next challenge project was for each of us to move out of our comfort zone.  We met back in February where we each presented our idea for a new project and the idea had to be approved by the rest of the group.   The ideas ranged widely but we all seem excited to be truly challenged!!

My idea is to do something by hand rather than using my machine.  To that end, I started looking a recent purchase…..


…..and playing with paper piecing using a pentagon shape as a starting place.   And, since I love Sunflowers, I pulled out some fabric and started playing with the shapes.    Here is where I am at the moment…..

photo 1

I love the fact that the center sunflower is actually made up of five different pieces!!!  I will post more information about this piece later.

There is another challenge in progress from my quilt guild.  This one is entitled “It’s a Southern Thing” and the size is only 12 inches square.   I have had a wonderful time with this, playing with wool roving and hand embroidery stitching.   I have loved working in the small format because, if I didn’t like what I had done, it wasn’t that big of a deal to re-do it.   

Here is a sneak preview……11


I will post more after the reveal meeting in June.


Finally, this time last year I found a beautiful needlepoint project from Kaffe Fasset and was given it as part of my birthday present.  I am very slowly working on it but really enjoy the colors and designs…..

photo 2

Speaking of birthdays….although mine is still 6 weeks away, Michael bought an oil painting that I found and liked…..


It is wonderful to see it as I walk thru our Den!


OK….that’s all for now.    There is more coming in the next day or so and then on Saturday we are off for 5 weeks in Portugal and Austrai….lots of blogging to come then!!!

3 thoughts on “Let’s play Catch-up .…

  1. How delightful is that baby photo! So special to see your quilt being used.And what a kind friend you have with the mug rugs.Good luck with the pper piecing anf the mini challenge. They do look lovely.Your travel plans look very interesting. Have a wonderful time.

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