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The State of the Studio – 2016

Well, it is 10pm on New Year’s Eve so I guess that it is time to look back at my studio time for the year.  Unfortunately, it has been a bit slim this year!!

However, I did have a few finishes that I am proud of.   The first was for my friend Cathy who succumbed to cancer just a few days after she received the quilt……

Next was a baby quilt made for my Daughter’s good friend, Emily…..

Then there was the “Southern Thing” challenge…….

…..followed by the Sunflower applique…..

 ….and the final finish of the year was “No Fishing”…..

While not a quilt, I have one more finish that I am proud of for this year.  My husband Michael, is starting a new hobby in 2017…..building reproduction black-powder firearms….. and he needed a workbench.    We decided that we wanted to make it heavy-duty so that it could serve many purposes.  I had spent much of my childhood sitting in the garage watching my Dad build things so over the years I had learned a thing or two about construction.  So Michael put me in charge of design and production and he provided the muscle for the job.   And, it turned out great……

So, as we ready to head into 2017 there are lots of things running thru my mind …..

  –  will I get my Nepal quilt finished in time for the show???

  –  will I get my Queen Size pineapple quilted in time for the show???

  –  will I figure out the block placement for my Christmas Pineapple quilt???

  –  will I finish the Kaffe Fasset Needlepoint that I have been working on???

  –  will Michael be awarded the Fullbright fellowship which will mean that we be spending FOUR months in India in 2017??

  –  how will the new gun building hobby go???

  –   will I finish with digitizing all of our old photos???

  –  will I survive this year’s income tax season with my sanity intact???

But, most importantly, I am thinking of all of my friends and family and how they have been such special parts of my life in 2016!!!

I am truly looking forward to what 2017 brings…..

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