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Technology…..a love, hate relationship!!!

I once heard someone say that technology is wonderful….until it isnt!!!    I can say a hearty AMEN to that one!!

This past month has been one of technology changes in our family including new I-phones, new computer for my husband, new software for my business, new television setups, etc.

For the most part, I can embrace these changes and have actually used my new phone to make my blogging a bit easier….

One great thing about my new phone is the camera.  It takes wonderful quality photos and videos and I like that it is almost always with me.   The thing that I didn’t like about using it for photos was that I had to physically connect it to my computer to download the photos.  However, I recently discovered that I can purchase extra space on I-Cloud (for 99 cents per month) and have set my phone so it automatically moves the photos from my phone to my computer.   

The other change that I have made is using Siri to dictate my blog posts, or at least my ideas.  I find that when I am working on something I will often think of a phrase that I want to use when I am writing the blog but wont take the time to find pen and paper to write it down.  Instead, I send myself an email (dictated by me) to remember the thought. 

The next step is to open a draft blog post (using Open Live Writer) and cut and past the thoughts so that they are there when I am ready to write the final post.

That has been working well, until suddenly Open Live Writer has quit working!!!  I have uninstalled, reinstalled and clicked open a million times and it simply wont work.   At one point it would open for about 2 seconds and then close down again.  I have NO idea what is causing this but it has been a frustrating experience and because this is an “open” software, there is basically no one to ask for help.  The biggest frustration is that I lost one LONG blog post that was finished except for one photo and also THIS blog post.

So, I have reverted to using the online Blogger editor and it is working fine for now.   If any of you have suggestions of other offline editors, I would love to hear them.

I also had an issue with my new sewing machine, or so I thought!!   I was working with a friend to help her make a quilt for her new Granddaughter and all of a sudden the wheel stuck.   In reading about this machine I was convinced that there was some piece of thread stuck in the bobbin assembly.  So, after a 1.5 hour drive to Atlanta, the guy looked at it, flipped one switch and it started working again!!  After I moaned a long “NOOOOO!” he showed me that the Bobbin Winder switch had been hit and that was blocking the wheel.  OK….that wont happen again!!

Ok…enough complaining…..back to fun stuff!!!!

One thought on “Technology…..a love, hate relationship!!!

  1. Ha, that reminds me of the time I brought my sewing machine to teach a class, and it started making the weirdest noise, and I totally freaked out that I'd somehow broken it in transit. Turns out that, just like with you, I'd knocked the bobbin winder and so it was spinning spinning spinning without anything to wind. Fortunately I figured it out after only a minute or so of looking like I had no idea what I was doing.

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