Moving forward with the Nepal Monument

I have had some time in the past week to work more on the Nepal Monument….now named “Himalayan Hallows”.   When we left it last, it looked like this…..

The next step was to add rocks and other interest to the background grasses.  As I started thinking about this, I decided that I didn’t really want to add individual rocks so instead added “rock colored” highlights.  The first one that I put on the wall was this one…..

…but the color wasn’t exactly right.  So out came the paints and sponges again….this looks better…..

 Since I liked what I saw, I selected three fabrics and added some paint to each of them…..

After adding the highlights, the quilt looked like this…..

Now I needed to think about all of the little bits that would finish the quilt off, starting off with the prayer flags.

The idea behind the prayer flags is that prayers are written on the flag and the fluttering in the breeze sends the prayers winging their way to Buddha.    The color of the flag indicates what the prayer is for……Blue (space), White (air), Red (fire), Green (water), and Yellow (earth).  The flags are always displayed in the same order.

I found fabrics that I felt mirrored the colors of the flags,  I started with a 5 inch square which was much too big…..
I cut them down to 4 1/4 inches which still didn’t look right and then I realized that they should be  rectangles and not squares……
That was better, but I was still afraid they were  going to take away from the scene. Perhaps I need to make them in pale colors rather than the dark colors, and maybe they are just too big still!!
This is definitely looking better with the smaller flags…….
 I will plan to put fray check around the squares and sew them to the cord before I officially hang them up and for now I need to leave an opening around the spire to attach them after quilting.

More to come…….

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